I have come to the realisation that this year, I will travel more overseas than I have ever in my life up until this point. Crazy. Anyway, as I do this, I have definitely picked up a few tips and tricks that help me travel on long haul flights. (Although, I’m yet to master sleeping on a plane, so if anyone has some suggestions please let me know…)

1. Don’t overpack the carry on. I know it’s easier said then done, but the night before you leave, ask yourself, do I need to bring all of this onboard, or can it be added to check in baggage? I am strong believer in packing light for the flight, it will make getting through security and out the airport seamless, without dragging more bags than you can carry.

2. Try to adapt to the new timezone immediately. Jetlag is the worst, if you are a frequent traveller for work you’ll understand that there is never time to recover… The last time I went into a practically opposite timezone, I tried to adapt on the plane and at home the day/night before. This was the best thing I ever did!

What I bring:

– lipbalm

– toothpaste + toothbrush

– headphones

– pj’s

– moisturiser (remember 100ml’s or less!)

– makeup wipes/small cleanser

– laptop

– camera

Having that fresh feeling on a plane is definitely achievable, I find changing as soon as I get aboard, brushing my teeth, and cleansing and moisturising so helpful. That way you can change back into fresh clothes when you arrive, plus dress how you desire, not entirely for comfort. Tip: If you know you will need to adjust to the climate, dress to suit, or pack additional clothing.

 I tend to not wear makeup when flying, but if you feel the need to then of course this is doable. I would suggest removing as soon as you are aboard, and re-applying just before landing, that way you’ll have a fresh face when you get to your destination. I would also recommend a clear beauty bag, so security can be a breeze.

Happy travelling! If you want to follow my adventures you can do so on Instagram!

until next time x