As I develop my blog, I realised I hadn’t had one single post on the importance of your shoes. The perfect item to really invest in and build and add to your wardrobe. A shoe is always an important aspect to your look, the way you can juxtapose them with your look, or dress your outfit up or down to suit the occasion. Mimco and I have teamed up to bring you my “Week with Mimco” and show you how I’d style a shoe a day from their newest collection.

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MIMCO: BACK TO WORK – Mechanica Slipper

0W6A5218 copy

Monday for the most of us tends to mean its time to get back to work. Although for the most of it I don’t enjoy Monday’s and their early mornings, I do always plan to be extremely organised, styling my outfit the night before, making a delicious breakfast, and heading out the door with 5 minutes to spare. Ironically, this is never the case, and unusually results in last minute decisions. If you too are like me, this shoe will become a repeat offender.

There is something about it’s sleek and effortless design which screams style, ideal for a day in the office or alternatively hours on your feet. Comfortable? Yes, and timeless too, so you can wear them again, and again, and again…

TUESDAY: “She’s a Mod” boot.

0W6A5506 copy

Tuesdays are much like Mondays for me. The She’s A Mod boot is versatile to a tee, perfect for those days when I leave the house to be surprised with spontaneous castings or meetings, as it can be dressed up or down. On a day when my schedule is hectic, (in a good way of course) this little black boot is the perfect addition.

 WEDNESDAY: Analogica Pump

0W6A5279 copy

As the days get shorter, and the air gets chillier, I find this in-between season to often be the most challenging. Its the middle of the working week, and chose to head out with a friend for dinner for two. As I was saying, its cold, so dressing up a cosy knit, and pair of ripped jeans with a shoe is a trend I continue to love. In this case I chose to do this with a classic black pump.

A signature shoe, one I highly recommend to add to your wardrobe. It’s at the top of my wardrobe essentials absolutely. You’ll find yourself repeatedly wearing them all year round. Don’t believe me? Think it’ll get too cold over Winter? Not at all. This is easily fixed with a simple sock, another unlikely marriage I love!

THURSDAY: Amalgamania slip on

0W6A5547 copy

Another great Winter shoe, this little tan slip on is a great alternative to black. I think it’s great to add a little depth to your wardrobe if you too own a lot of black footwear and want a change. Yes, the words comfort and stylish can go together, this shoe is living proof!

FRIDAY: Streamline bootie


I think my personal favourite! The Streamline bootie is a style of shoe I have had my eye on for a long time now, so I am pleased to say it is finally in my possession. Alike the pump, I love to pair it with less obvious pieces than previously styled with, for example the ripped jean, as opposed to a dress. Here I’m seen in the shoe leaving the car (very naturally) but I would definitely wear this shoe out on a Friday with friends, whether to an event or just dinner I think the shoe is ideal to dress an outfit up.

SATURDAY: Amalgamania boot black

0W6A5466 copy

Saturdays for myself can often be unplanned errand running, meeting friends, or work. Typically I’ll be in my casual denim shorts and tee, but if needed, I won’t hesitate to add a pair of boots and a blazer. This shoe is the ultimate wardrobe essential – the black boot. There is nothing too it, simple, stylish, sleek. What more can I say?

SUNDAY: Sneaker


Lazy Sunday’s call for laid-back outfits! Something great about this sneaker, is you can slip it on on days like these, where you might be out and about but still feel fresh and look great.

*All pieces styled with Mimco accessories*

*Advertorial post with Mimco*