Touching down in New York from Mexico is the epitome of contrasting worlds. My time in Mexico spent working on a shoot with Urban Outfitters. But I use the term working very lightly, as shooting in paradise was such a dream. New York on the other hand; is a paradise in it’s own right. Fast paced and full of so much energy; it’s hard to ever just, stop. But that’s what I love about this vibrant city, it’ll always scream go, go, go to me.

This is my 4th time to the big apple, and I finally am feeling confident in my ability to get from A to B. And because of this, I’m going to take some time to explore the city a bit more than I ever have. I only arrived days ago, but that already feels like eternity with the amount of things you can squeeze into 12 hours in New York.

vale 4


8AM: I pulled my sleepy, dazed head out of bed knowing I had a fitness class at 9:30. Considered ditching because it would be bad for my “cough” but realized I wasn’t even fooling myself.

830AM: Made my way out of the hotel to Dean and Deluca for an overpriced (but delicious) portion of fruit and yoghurt.

9AM: Hopped on my first subway of many throughout the day to get to the class. An app called Citymapper will be your best friend in the city. Tell it where you want to go and it tells you how to get there. Makes me feel like a local and trust me, it works!

1030AM: Exhausted, I waddled out of SLT feeling every muscle in my body. Being here for work of course, there’s no excuse to forget about the gym. So my wonderful agency suggested I try SLT. It stands for Strength, Lengthen and Tone. And man does it work. I’ll be going back once I have semi recovered.

11AM: Subway number two sends me back to the hotel to get quickly showered and ready before heading to Hu Kitchen. Hu Kitchen was recommended to try and was definitely a success. It’s a gluten free, completely organic restaurant that is a Paleo dieters dream. Definitely an experience with the quirky things on the menu. Chocolate cricket protein bar anyone?

1pm: We then (surprise surprise) caught the Subway to lower Manhattan to do some serious window shopping. I was gushing walking between Mercer and Spring St forcing myself not to go on a mad spree in Saint Laurent. Although, I did convince myself to buy some Versus Versace sneakers you’ll bound to see on my Instagram shortly.

2:30pm: I had a casting booked for this time, the only appointment of my day. But upon checking my emails I see that this has been moved to Tuesday, leaving the afternoon off. The first thing I did was take off my “casting boots” in exchange for some Reebok trainers. We filled in this time to go see the local American Eagle store where I found my face on the side of the wall. (Never, ever gets old!) So of course I snapped away, only to get onlookers doing double takes as they walked past.

4pm: The combination of exhausted muscles from the morning and jet lag meant we decided on an early dinner. We went to Japenese BBQ in Times Square and that too was an experience. The table has a grill in the centre of it where you cook your meat and vegetables yourself. So much fun if you had a large group! And super delicious.

630pm: Early night and a movie. We chose Dirty Grandpa. Like everyone else I am a Zac fan at heart, but do not suggest this movie to watch with your Mum. Was awkward to say the least.

The look below, channeling Spring vibes in anticipation for the New York climate.

 Dress and sweatshirt by Vale Denim

Pearl choker from Princess Polly (out of stock but similar here)

Black and white bracelet by Jamie Ridge for Lindi Kingi

Watch (styled backwards) The Fifth

Slides by Topshop 2014

Up next week will be a hair tutorial for this look. Stay posted!