It is 8:42 pm, I’m on a short flight home from a job, and as I always do on the plane, my mind is filled with… well everything.

Before I boarded, I was reading up on digital influence;  the effect of this on the fashion industry, and all I can think about now is how absurd (absurdly wonderful?) it all is. Years prior to my site, blogging was fresh, unique, not understood. And now, alongside the rise of Instagram, it’s impact on the fashion industry has been increasingly huge. The industry is thriving, and boy do I feel lucky to be right in the thick of it. Models nowadays are HEARD not just seen. Their opinions well respected, even asked of; something I believe we models get to thank social media for. How do I feel about this digital development? I’m ecstatic. Maybe too selfishly, as I see this as an opportunity, something I enjoy, that I’m passionate about.

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Once when in Sydney; casting for a job, I was given a form to fill out. Upon reading what was being asked, all looked pretty standard. Name, age, agency, and then a little further down; amount of Instagram followers. I remember so vividly thinking wow, that’s new. From a models standpoint; it’s no surprise that this raises many eyebrows provoking some to feel pressure to use the platforms, if they want a shot at success. I’m a strong believer in success comes from talent and dedication. For you aspiring models out there, nothing beats someone who understands light on the body and moves well. But in saying that, these platforms certainly can be used as an effective marketing tool to get a push. In an industry where careers are typically kept short, social media really does help to gain longevity. And I think that’s something I appreciate the most, because it gives models previously labelled ‘coathangers’ to expand into full blown business women.

Times have changed; thats for sure.

Marc Jacobs even had an Instagram casting for the face of his FW15 collection. 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, this would of been impossible. All because of change. Technology is reliable yes; but constantly moving and developing, never stand-still. What does this mean for social media? Who knows, but I don’t doubt it will constantly evolve. What into is something we simply cannot predict ourselves; meaning I will have to revisit this conversation then. For now it’s time to pack away the laptop; I have an unhappy air hostess informing me we are descending!


Images shot in Bondi.


Shirt, skirt, and belt all by ZARA.