Braids are a trend that are hair to stay.

Below are the steps to create this simple and romantic style that I sported in last weeks post also.

  1. Start by giving your hair some texture. I used Toni and Guy dry shampoo product, and sprayed it close to the roots, focusing on the area I want to braid.
  2. I then added bends to my hair using my GHD curling iron. In rough sections, I wrapped my hair away from my face close to the root, then towards my face, at the bottom half of my hair. Once I have done this all over, I brushed it out to achieve a softer look. hair tut
  3. Take a one inch section of hair down the center. Starting at the top of the head, take three small pieces to begin the braid. I would recommend practicing a dutch braid before achieving this look as this is where it gets slightly difficult! Take a piece from the left, and place it under the centre piece, passing it over to the right. Repeat this, alternating sides until you reach the front. Add hair to the braid by picking up small pieces within the sectioned off hair. Web DocumentUntitledWeb Document
  4. Once you have reached the hairline, take 2/3 pieces pulling it taught and pin under the ear where it will be hidden. Do the same with the remaining section on the other side.
  5. Finish with a touch of hairspray and viola!