Hey guys!

This is another way I love to style my hair without using any heat with help from my trusty Tresemmé products. As you can imagine my hair goes through a lot at work so I try to avoid hot tools wherever I can. This look is also super simple and easy for any hair length and perfect in a pinch!


Follow my first blog post which you can read here to achieve the no heat wave.


Gather half of your hair ear to ear into a high ponytail. On the last ‘loop’ with your hair tie, don’t pull it through all the way, leaving a bun and tail.


Wrap the ‘tail’ end around the bun, and secure in place with 3 or 4 bobby pins.


Braid two 2cm thick sections of the remaining hair wherever you like and tease the end to hold in place. Micro braids like this are such a subtle way to upgrade your look! I did one on either side.

And we’re done. It’s that simple and so chic.