These images were from a last minute mini test shoot after a job last week in Sydney. We had way too much fun!

Photographed by Jo Duck

Makeup and hair by Georgia Hull

Styling by Kristy Koutsogiannis

My first rule about modelling, you can’t just have a pretty face. Models are smart! A lot of work goes into modelling, you become your business, and understanding that is so important. Models must be head strong and tend to develop a thick skin, besides what many might think due to the common┬ástereotype. It’s common knowledge nowadays with the influx of young “Instagram girls,” that models are more than just beautiful. They may fool you, but these girls with distinct personalities and huge followings are business savvy and know how to build a brand.

image image

First tip is to never overdo your appearance. For applications to agencies, no makeup, clean hair, and in a swimsuit or singlet and skinny jeans is best. Typically, agencies will ask for quick and easy snapshots against a white wall. Front full body, full body side, profile, and a headshot is standard, but check with their websites for other info on applying. Also, turning up to go-sees and castings wearing simple skinny jeans, a tee, and black high boots is usual for myself, whatever you decide to wear; again don’t overdo it. You want to look your best natural self! I hate to touch on the basic requirements of a model, but must. Models are famously tall, but don’t let this shy you away immediately. I was 5’6 when I signed with my first agency, and since then have grown to an acceptable height. Chances are you are young and have some growing left also.

Research. Please research. Scams are everywhere nowadays, so if an agent asks for money and a Skype session straight off the bat it’s not legitimate. Beginning can be the most difficult time, so finding an agency that will give you guidance is extremely valuable.

I have found since my first year modelling, I have grown a lot in
my skills to converse with people. You’ll find as a model you meet new people all the time, and that first impressions truly do count. Being articulate, on time, and polite go along way in this industry!

Good luck x