So the backpack style trend is in full swing my friends, and yes, ages 15+ are welcome.

Mimco’s newest collection of backpacks are a chic replacement to the conventional purse and dare I say; are stylish AND comfortable. I like the idea of a new wave of accessories, for all women might I add, not just those at school.


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This first look is with the leather pack. Now, I truly love this one because it’s the pack that can balance any outfit. The leather exterior can give a relaxed look that extra boost to take to the street. On the other end of the spectrum, the size and shape can tone down a look more suited to the evening. Versatility is  key as always, and this bag hits the nail on the head.

Black leatherblack leather 2

The second pack for me was ideal for adventures around the city, and I wore it everywhere in New York! It’s fabric and colour meant I didn’t have to worry about it not fitting with my outfit, I could just grab and go.

Black non leather edit 2 Black non leather edit

Last but not least the tan coloured leather pack is so incredible. The colour adds a more preppy feel to me, but like the others it achieves effortless style done right to the tee.

Tan bag 1
tan bag 2