I workout everyday first thing in the morning. It’s something that comes with the job, and I do my best to stay healthy. New York is the hub for fun workout classes. I mix it up between Cyc Fitness (a high-energy, music-driven, indoor cycling experience), boxing with my trainer Rob Piela at Gotham gym, or barre. I got the opportunity to cast for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year; so I dedicated a lot of time to working out. The level of girls at the casting were incredible, so many of them I looked up to so I felt honoured to even cast.

Today I had just one casting in the afternoon, so spent the majority of the day studying. I am currently enrolled in a Communications degree by correspondence, so this keeps me busy.


As per usual I woke up and had porridge topped with fruit for breakfast. It’s what I eat almost every morning! My schedule for the day consisted of a casting in the mid morning, a test shoot followed by another casting. If I get my schedule and know I’ll be out all day like this, I try to pack a healthy snack like cashews or fruit. Although, I typically don’t snack if I’m home and try to stick to three meals. I had an egg white omelette for lunch with tons of roast veges, and chicken with roast kumara and broccoli for dinner. Although I have a rather healthy diet 99% of the time, I’m not restrictive to treats like cake and ice cream if it’s on my mind. New York has so many amazing restaurants and cafes, it’d be silly not to take advantage!


Today I packed my bags and jetted to Spain for a location shoot. I’m going for one day which is a lot of traveling for 24 hours so I have learnt to be as organised as possible. My top tips for flying are plenty of water, taking a mask on the plane, and a clear toiletries bag. It makes getting liquids out so much easier through security, no need for ziplock bags.


I landed back in NY after two days away, and have the day off! I’m going to brunch with a friend at my favourite Aussie cafe Bluestone Lane. Next week I’m taking off home, which I’m super excited about. This means I’m missing Fashion Month this year, but felt I needed some family time. As much as I love the excitement of New York, little old Palmerston North is always home for me.